A tour of Ozarka College N738QF Cessna Skyhawk

Hello IFC, Today I would like to present a tour of one of my flight schools plane. This is the primary airplane I will be flying for my Insturment rating! This 1978 Cessna 172 N has a beefed up 180 horsepower engine, can carry 21.5 gallons of 100 LL Avgas in each wing has an endurance of about 4 hours and can seat 4. Avionics wise it has a standard 6 pack of instruments with a Garmin 430 GPS system along with with 2 Localizer/Glideslope Combinations. The airplane is equipped with ADS-B in and out soo yall can track me when I fly this includes VFR as well! I will try and get more pictures If N738QF from the inside when I can!
Bonus question: why are the flaps down in my pictures and who can tell me what degree of flaps my airplane has?


On my screen the images haven’t uploaded yet. They probably have for you.

Nah, it’s an error, mines aren’t uploading either

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Yah I’m fixing it

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Pictures should be on there now

Because you put them down.

< Insert correct degree of flaps here >

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