A Tour Inside an Airport-Converted City Park

(This topic doesn’t have airplanes but has a former airport. So I think it’s suitable for the category.)

You all know well about the Central Park in New York. But what if I tell you there’s a park in China that’s 4 times the size of Central Park? Today I took a walk inside one of the largest city parks in the world!

The park, located in Hefei, China, is called Luogang Park, whose name is from the original airport. The airport ceased operation in 2013 and was replaced by the new Xinqiao airport (also a 3D airport in IF!) in the northwest suburban area. In 2016, the Luogang Park project was proposed in preparation for the International Garden Flower Expo. It was built with the idea of keeping the original terminal and runway. Last year, the main part of the park was completed, with lands reserved for upcoming expansions.

Now let’s begin our trip! First let’s line up on runway 14 because the winds are in favor here.

All the markings are HUGE in this (former) passenger airport! You don’t get this feeling when aboard an airplane.

The runway center marker, also the place of ARP (Aerodrome Reference Point) back then

Vacate runway at the very end. Let’s walk back along the taxiway!

The old China Eastern Airlines hangar. Now it’s called Big Hangar Performance Center and will host some live concerts and similar events occasionally.

The old terminal and control towers! Some exhibitions were going on in front of the terminal. The terminal itself is now refurbished as restaurants and an aviation experience center, where you can enjoy some static flight simulators such as C919 and A320. Unfortunately my budget and time don’t allow me to do that ;)

While most of the markings you’ve seen here are redrawn, we’re lucky to see some genuine markings from a decade ago. The nostalgic moment!

A water tower? A control tower? A monument? Can you guess the purpose of this structure?


It’s aviation related!


It’s a functional VOR antenna! The identifier is HFE and it’s still in use. Did you get it right?

… And we approach the holding point again! That wraps up the tour today. To be honest, it’s quite exhausting if you tour this park entirely without a bus ride. I walked nearly 40k steps today!

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