A touch of Dutch for KLM

Hope you enjoy these pictures of my flight from EHAM to DGAA
This was flown on the expert server, my departure was at 1500z and I arrived at roughly 2130z

Rotating from 09

Hitting my cruise altitude of 37000, moved up to 39000 when I was lighter

Spoilers extended, on the descent

Gear down, flaps full

A good ol’ -100f/m landing

Spoilers armed, reverses, brakes

Hope you liked :)


Spoilers extended, on the descent

The supreme spot for hide-and-seek.


Beautiful photos! What a coincidence, I flew on the Orange Pride in real life a day before you posted this post…

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Lol, or maybe in the fuel tanks

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it

Nice! I went to DGAA Earlier when i departed from LEMD