A Toronto-Newark Transfer

Ahh yes, another unrealistic flight. However, I thought about how unused the United A350 is in IF, probably due to it not existing in real life, yet, and I decided to do a flight from an IFATC controlled airport to my home city :)

some details: CYYZ-KEWR, early morning, Expert Server, United A350-900

  1. Passengers still boarding the aircraft

  2. Cleared for takeoff runway 15L, United 447. zoom zoom V1, … Rotatay!

  3. much enjoyable wing flex

  4. Decided to try out new shots, first one the wingtip from the cockpit, and second was from the inside of the plane :D

  5. Many many minutes later, turning left base onto final 4R at EWR

  6. Approaching minimums…

  7. bomoymomyomuoymyomyomu (my aircraft touching down on runway noises are good)

  8. Passenger unboarding yet another scary flight piloted by Cpt Lufthansa2 :)

Thanks for stopping by 👋😄


Sweet shots!


Thanks! I’m glad you liked them 😁

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awesome shots!!

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Thank you! I’m happy you liked them 😃

I love the Go Pro for the A350! @Lufthansa2

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The one on the wingtip?
Ahh yes, 5k each

lol all jokes aside thanks for the positive comment 😁

Great photos!

@anon41771314 Would like this ;)

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The A350 would be a brand new type for UA, so they would probably use it on some short routes. Probably not to Toronto, but you would see a few A350 flights between the hubs.

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Are you ok? Nice pictures!

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beauty has a name @Lufthansa2

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Pretty cool… and unrealistic… looks like there was a bunch of heavy traffic at the terminal in Toronto! Like all the different angles

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I am ex-Newark gang. It was… an interesting airport to say the least.

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@Luke_Sta maybe? I can’t tell anymore after I’ve been imprisoned in my own house for 2 weeks 😂

@MJMN yeeessss sir!

@Mr-plane-guy1 I’m glad you liked them 😄 Yeah, about that, if IFATC was ever to do a Lukla FNF, try to count how many A380’s would crash into the void 🤣

@Pingu much yes, very unique indeed. 😂


I love the 2nd pic! Good job!

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I actually haven’t noticed much wing flex on the 350 the way you we do with the 787.

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