A tool to check if a PM's recipient has seen the message

This is sort of like the blue checks in WhatsApp. I sent a few messages (mostly for queries to mods, though one was to some fellow community members about organising a Live Event), but my last two PMs have not been answered for the past 72+ hours. Anyways, this feature (for the Community) would be really helpful.


As far as I know, Discourse does not offer that feature at the moment.
If you want to request it, head over to the Meta community. :)


You can just see the amount of “users”, listed underneath the main text - that is an indirect way of telling you if the person has viewed your PM. I use it all the time!


Yes, but I prefer ticks for each and every post, to ensure that everyone associated with the topic has seen at least some posts.

It really wouldn’t be a good idea. Don’t want anyone to get hurt in the back if I don’t want to answer.


I would really like this as well. A lot of the time people either don’t see stuff I send them or they ignore it. This way I would know if they have seen it.

However, sometimes I don’t answer things because I just don’t want to.

Well, as adrien said, if you are not willing to compromise - this isn’t an issue that can be solved here. So make a topic on Discourse Meta.

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Thanks, I PMed a senior member of meta.discourse.org .

As said above, it may be advisable to make this a topic in Discourse Meta. Another indirect way to check if they have seen the PM is to see their profile, check the ‘last seen’ status, then you may come to know if they have checked the notification of your PM.


I read your PM, by the way. But, I don’t have anything to reply to your PM with, currently.

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Never thought that way. I usually don’t get hurt because I assume the Recipient himself doesn’t know what to do, but if it takes >2 days, I just give a gentle reminder like: @emil ? Did you read this? I am just checking whether you did, and could you please reply to my above query?

Yes, but if there is a bug, it could be misleading.

Lmao, get it suggested in the Discourse Meta first, then if it actually comes true, you can ask for it here :)

To anyone who suggests visiting meta.discoure.org, please read this first.

I think for PMs, I think it would be good if the idea would be like this (Courtesy to my group chat in LINE )
In here, you can see how many people have seen the message you sent. Although like Emil said, not everyone will like it if someone only reads it yet he doesn’t give a reply


Technically you could “see” if someone read your PM (most likely) via going to their profile and looking at when they were last “seen” this though, is sometimes inaccurate as people may have actually not read their PM.

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I thought the “seen” tab was for who has viewed your profile. I guess you learn something new everyday. 😂

So ignoring someone is legitimate? Kind of childish to not respond or acknowledge someone. That’s like treating the messaging party like a debt collector.

Eh, you’d be surprised. I don’t respond to my personal favorite type of PM’s; The ones where I’m spammed by a user because they think I think of them as a “forum noob”, or the ones where I’m just yelled at. They make my day. That’s happened at least three times. Lots of fun my friend.

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Unfortunately in my line of work in construction and at the fire house, we have to respond to any and all calls for service or email correspondence. Typically it isn’t good practice to ignore folks but spammers on the other hand, well they can go pound sand!