A token of advice

Hi guys, i’ve passed my written test for IFATC and am practicing for my practical now. Although, i’m not doing this alone. I have the amazing help of the IFATC scout team, trust me they go to extreme measures to make sure you are fully prepared for the test. You can even ask Tyler Shelton, he is really nice, motivating and provides helpful tips.

I suggest you
no.1 - watch all of tyler’s youtube videos on atc controls.
no.2 - get a few training sessions with one of the scout team members.
no.3 ask a few people on the community to help you practice. Don’t ask for too many, as your test will only consists of 4-5 pilots flying in your airspace.

Follow these steps and you should be good to go for the test!

Good Luck!


Hello :)
Congratulations! You’re close to become an IFATC. I got trained by scouters too, and they’re awesome! They are friendly, give you detailed feedbacks and much more.
I hope to see you soon in the IFATC team ;)
//IFATC Adrien (ATC Specialist)


I am currently undergoing some rigorous training by my scouter! Thank you for posting this

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no problem, all scouters and ATC related staff deserve this attention and appreciation.

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The scouters are absolutely amazing! Always contact one in your area if you want to practice! Simply splendid people


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