A tip to Galaxy S7 Users to increase performance

For me it all depends on how long I want to fly for. I usually fly on low and medium and sometimes high with anti aliasing off.

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Yes I do…

The phone does get hot, but it can handle the extremes. I always fly maxed out. That’s what our vapor core is for, lel

that heatpipe is useles tbh…

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yes, but it can’t handle the amount of heat that this sim will produce. Not only that charge your phone with no apps running, using quick charger and take your case off, see how much heat it produces.

The copper heat pipe is a small lifeline to keep this device going.

At the end of the day all of it falls on the processor, Snapdragon 820, its great but too powerful(you can use it to run a laptop).

Exactly how fragile is the S7?

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you should see the korean models…
less heat
better performance
wtf samsung


Not very, it’s a great phone

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did u see the note 7
that thing is dreamy…

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I’m not trying to scare you or anyone away from this device, i’m just informing you guys.

This device is great, it has a proper premium feel to it. The S7 will not let you down. Just be careful with how you are using it on a daily basis.

@Jompa Ya because there using the Exynos

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Actually, the guy is the one being used mostly, the Adreno 530.

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