A tip to Galaxy S7 Users to increase performance

So, there are a handful of people out there with a Galaxy S7. I just wanted to share a quick tip to maximize their experience on Infinite Flight. The S7 is a solid device with a great screen and very powerful. A great choice for IF, but this isn’t a post to brag.

The tip I have for you guys will increase your performance. All tests were run using these setting, all maxed out.

The S7 really is built to provide an immersive gaming experience. Aside from the dedicated Game Launcher, the S7 has a Game Tuner which is what this post will target. Here is the default Game Tuner.

So, Here I have some pics of what IF looked like before.

Now, what I did was simply change the selection from Balanced to Maximum.

Now let’s take a look at the difference and hopefully the images won’t be downgraded by email.

So, there is some difference, in the app, there is a more significant difference than I could show. Worthwhile mentioning. Anyways, enjoy :3


I don’t see any difference. How about the performance?

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Remains at 60 FPS. There is a difference in the app.

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I can’t tell that by looking at the pictures. I’ll try it myself after I activate mine

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You have an S7?

How smooth is the flight while recording?

Yes. I bought it yesterday but I need to get the nanochip for the 4G connection.

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It’ll serve you well

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I have the edge


I’d imagine the same for you

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i see 0 differences :/

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Do the normal view and zoom out and look at the wings

i meant to say i dont have 60 fps lol
what version s7 do you have?

I don’t see Game Tuner. Maybe I deleted it.

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US T-Mobile

If you go on the Galaxy App store, you’ll find it

Got it. Thanks.


@Robertdiaz123 do you have anti aliasing on?

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I have this device and it can easily handle these high-end graphics, but I do NOT recommend you fly for a long period of time on high settings due to the amount of heat it will produce and don’t fly around using these settings while using OEM quick charger. Have noticed the phone temperature go around 90 to 100+ fahrenheit, which clearly isn’t good for the battery and internal components.

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What do you recommend for graphical settings?