A Tip on the wind

How do you deal with the strong wind at high altitude? What steps do you take?
At what altitude should you go up?

Assuming you’re cruising at a normal cruising altitude, which can vary widely depending on a lot of things, the best you can do is ignore the winds. You’ll get high winds at any normal cruising altitude, so there really isn’t anything you can do about it.


I use Windy.com to figure out roughly what altitudes have the most advantageous winds


I have the same enquiry: is it normal for an aircraft to stay in turbulence because of strong winds throughout the flight?!

Well if the wind is there then yes. The wind is going to have a say if it is severe or not and where it is along your flight. It is normal for this to happen and it happens here and there. It’s just natural.

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All airliners are designed to withstand extreme turbulence. And sometimes IRL altitude change requests due to better weather can’t always be authorised by ATC.

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Thanks for answering… I know that all aircrafts are designed to withstand high winds and other extreme conditions but in term of passengers comfort, is it normal to leave the flight bumpy throughout the route?! Because sometimes when i check the weather; I find no difference in wind speed among different altitudes 🤔

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Depends how bad the turbulence is.
Other factors need to be taken into account such as headwind/tailwind components affecting flight time

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Another thing to do is to examine the winds along the route carefully as you formulate your FPL. This may help in avoiding areas with extreme weather.

In the topic below, I picked a waay longer route to avoid headwinds etc. Despite the extra distance, I managed to arrive at my destination on time.

In the other direction, flying along the ‘now tailwind’ will cut flight times. Note: winds were extremely strong at ~160kts

Ways to take advantage/mitigate

  • Go round the wind
  • Change altitude(mentioned by @BennyBoy)

Safe flying,

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