A tiny hop in Canada

Since joining the IFATC group two days ago, I have had the chance to make some great friends with @Jakub_Astary, @NJ24, @Auzzy20 and @Boodz_G. Well today we decided we would do a tiny hop from Comox to Vancouver with the dash-8 in the glorious Air Canada Express livery. It is also important to mention that @Auzzy20 somehow had a birdstrike with a bald eagle 🦅. He was stuck with one engine for the majority of the flight :(. Flight time was 27 minutes at a cruising altitude of 7000ft.

All of us getting ready at Comox for the flight to Vancouver.

Lifting off as the others get jealous of my beautiful takeoff.

We got stunning views of the Rocky Mountains during the flight.

Vancouver in sight!

Very buttery landing in Vancouver as 777’s and A350’s prepare for their long hauls.

All parked safe and sound at the terminal. Including @Auzzy20 who had suffered a bird strike earlier in the flight.


Amazing pictures and congratulations on becoming IFATC:)