A Throwback With the Queen

I decided to do Minneapolis-Detroit, but 2009 style. After their merger with Northwest and thus receiving 747-400s, Delta deployed them all across the world, but on some shorter flights as well, including MSP-DTW. Enjoy!


Server: Expert
Aircraft: B747-400
Livery: Delta Air Lines
Origin: Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (KMSP)
Destination: Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW)
Flight Time: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Parked at the gate as the sun rises

The Queen rotating off runway 12R

Leaving Minneapolis behind for the Motor City

Banking East over Chicago

Turning final

Coming in to land on Runway 03R

Touching down right on the thousand foot markers

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Did not know they did short 40 minute flights with a 747. I guess you learn something new everyday!


Yeah! Minneapolis and Detroit are Delta’s second and third biggest hubs, repectivly, so it makes sense. There was a HND-MSP-DTW routing at one point I know.

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Nice shots!! #3 is my favorite.


What it must have been like to fly cross-country in a jumbo those days!

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I know… it’s a thing of the past now.


I hope I will get the chance to fly on a 747. Unfortunately I might not be able to 😭.

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‘Detroit, rock city’ — kiss

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