A throwback into 2021!

Heyyyy everyone, it’s time again for a new Spottingtopic!
This time we look back to 2021. When the Transall C160 of the “Luftwaffle”, in the “Retro-Brummel” livery, landed in Ingolstadt-Manching! This was the first time I saw this beauty :) And sadly the secondlast time also :( But luckily the weather was with us, by us I mean the hundreds of spotters who were there. In addition to the “Trall”, a few other machines also came to IGS that day

Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
Lens: Canon 70-210mm
Airport: Fliegerhorst Ingolstadt Manhing (IGS/ETSI)
Date: 30th March 2021
Weather: SUNNY

A Panavia Tornado was the first star to shine!

Face to face with a fighter jet! You don’t get that every day

Look at that afterburner!!

Then the Global 5000 of the Luftwaffel arrived

While the Global was taxing to the runway again, a Bell UH1D Huey was spotted, hovering over the apron

Face to face with the Global

Tornado inbound…

And here she is, the star of the day! The C160 in the Retro-Brummel livery!! Coming in for a lowpass

Sarajevo-Approach into IGS

Tornado meets Transall

Thanks for reading threw this topic! 😊
See you sooooon! 😎

-Jan 👋


Nice Pictures 🙂

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Thank you 🔥

Wow amazing year for you!

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These are incredible!

We need a Jan and Moritz team up :D

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2021 was the best planespotting year, since I began with this hobby 👀

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Thank you very much!

Hmmm sounds interesting… 👀👀

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