A thought

I had a thought. @KPIT does regular updates on Pittsburgh International. So would other users be able to do the same thing with their home airport

Uhm, I just check the news a lot for KPIT, people are posting about new routes, new flights, renovations to airports, unfortunately many incidents this year, etc. in #real-world-aviation. If you can post there because I believe you must be TL2, (correct me if I am wrong) feel free to post about news. I have no special permission or anything, anyone can do the same…

If their home airport isn’t KISP then go for it once you are a TL2. KPIT is a possible “up and coming” airport and theirs alot of cool stuff happening there right now

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Well Yes, But not like spamming on every little thing that happens there. Maybe just new route announcements.

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So I could post news for EGPH

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This is true, only post about “major” stuff. Not like “Oh my gosh Delta used an A320 instead of an A319 on KSLC-KPIT today!” Or stuff like that…

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So like for example. “ Delta started a new route from LAX to Dallas”

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Since it is two major airports that may be not as big of a deal. Like KPIT gets and looses domestic routes all the time, like we got San Diego two weeks ago, and SLC a few weeks before that, so not every new route is a big deal. You may want to talk to the mods for the finer details…

So would a ‘major’ route mean like transatlantic and a major airport could be the busiest in the country

Exactly, and make sure its not just a link to a statement. You could give your opinion on why it might be a profitable route.

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I mean, it really depends. I don’t think I can tell you specifically here’s what’s a big deal, and here’s what’s no. It is kinda a case by case thing…


Well, @KPIT has made himself known to be the “keep the IFC up to date with Pittsburgh International” for a while now. I think he knows more about Pittsburgh International than I know about KBWI (my home base)! But yes, you can keep us updated on your local airport. But just what @KPIT said a few comments earlier, only those important things. Like how Icelandair is now planning to use their brand new 737-MAX8 on the BIKF-KBWI this upcoming fall replacing the 757 (kinda sad) or how Delta suspends the Pittsburgh to Paris route (sorry @KPIT had to do it). Don’t make a topic about how American used a 757 instead of the normal A321 on a route to KDCA. In total, yes, I would love to see people post important updates about their local airport.

I am not a Regular, Moderator, or a Staff member so I don’t know if you are allowed to make those type of topics. I just would think it would be a good idea