A theory that other Airbuses in IF might be getting APPR soon

You guys know how before the A321 was reworked, it had a 1+F flaps setting? Well here it is on ALL the Airbuses in IF.

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That + simbol indicates that slats are being deployed


So what exactly is the relation between the flaps setting 1+F and the Autoland system…?


The update before the A321 was updated, the A321 had that 1+F setting on the flaps. The other Airbuses didn’t have that until the A321 was updated

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So how does updated slats/flap settings equal to APPR?? Lol??? But yea APPR is gonna come to lots of the planes in the future…

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The A330 needs a lot of rework. Including the flaps 1 which should be the other way around what slats and flaps deployment concerns.

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Not proof just a theory

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Yeah that’s what I meant 😅

Look 1 reply above

A good theory 😉

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Don’t want to break this to you, but I don’t have the 1+F option on the A320 family. I have it in the A380.

I mean the ones “without” APPR

Then the 1+F IRL doesn’t exist?

It should (I guess)

But 1 is slats and 1+F is slats+10° flaps, were those two combined IRL?

What is APPR do. I tried it on the A320 and I almost crashed.
Did I do something wrong?
when do you apply it?

On final with an ILS approach with max 200kts airspeed


Actually it was already there when the A321 came out, Flaps 1+F (along with 1, 2, 3 and FULL) has been extended to the other Airbuses with the A320 update on November the 10th.

Do we need this theory? We know that every aircraft is gonna get it soon enough…