A thanks for support, community.

Hey guys I just want to tank those who told me what was going on with the account not found thing. I like how quickly you guys answered my questions. Now I know not to fly out of boundaries in solo. I now know the multiplayer cost money, sadly. Since I was so new I had to ask hehe. Hopefully, may sound childish but my mother will let me get a subscription. I will stay on community from now on. If you would like to since im new to the game and community if you’d like post me some extra tips, thanks have a nice day yall!


No problem :) Just wait for the next update but for now, Stay In the regions Thanks and Welcome to the Community! I’ll send you some useful details for beginners about IFC via DM…


Haha I will stay in those boundaries!

Be active on the community and you can get a lot of cool stuff, like knowledge.

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Hi. Welcome to the forum. Please have a browse of some of the topics below. They are useful guides and collections of information created by the community and moderators that will help you understand how this forum works.

A Beginners Guide to the Forum

The Moderation on the Forum

Respect on the Forum

The following two are guides for pilot and atc tutorials. The will link you to specific information that may be of use. The tutorials are created by by FDS staff members.

Pilot Tutorial Guide

ATC Tutorial Guide