A thank you

Love this forum…it really helps me develop my skills as a controller and pilot


Just wanted to show a little bit of appreciation can close the topic for me thank you

@JeromeJ - Cows might also develop flying skills.

Seriously though, your comments were more unnecessary than this topic :)


@Jeodanie_Smith - Thank you for being a part of it. Most of us have all started in here knowing absolutely nothing. And many of “us” are now the ones giving you the answer.

We’re all here to learn and share experiences!


This community has really taught me a lot about aviation in general for the past few years I’ve been here. Can’t wait for many more!

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Its great to be part of this community as I can provide some sort of mentorship to aspiring pilots who wish to know more about being a pilot or just wanting to more in aviation in general. The saying “A good pilot never stops learning” is something that I live by. I’m always learning and I will never know everything.

The same logic can apply to someone who is aviation enthusiast. You learn more about how a plane flies, speeds, physics, how to read a METAR, how to control ATC and what commands to send and when. The learning opportunities are endless.

And I’ll close with this. DO NOT be afraid, ashamed, to ask a questions. Generally there is not a stupid question. Yes its likely it can be found with a simple search of the web browser, but this community is a great place to get answers from real pilots, controllers, maintenance personnel in a relatively short time. 🙂


Great to have you here. If you have any questions about the forum and how we run it, we are always happy to talk in private message! Hope to continue to see you on the forum in the future!



Yeah also I would like thank the IF community!
Thank You for all that you have done!

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