A Thank You to the Team at IFCI


As many of you know, IFCI recently made a return over the Summer of 2018, where we’ve seen our Teammates here come and go all the time, but there’s one group of people who have stuck with us since the beginning of IFCI 2.0!


Connor was the one who made IFCI possible - helping me make our first website, the thread and making forms for Interviews, and Staff Applications. He has also brought many cool things to the table like our Forum and more!


Luke has been one of the most outgoing guys there was, over seeing out operations internally and externally, he’s really been a very important asset to the team!


First starting as our Tech Manager, he has made us a lot of things for attraction outside of IFC, like our first Forum, a hand-coded Website and more! Velocity is a very nice guy and deserves nothing but the best in 2019.


Now we can’t forget the people who make IFCI what it is! We have chosen many Interviewers in out past, but none that stand out like these guys:


Such a great guy, what can I say? He’s on top of Interviews all the time, and is a pretty funny guy.


The jokester in the group, KSJC amirite? Another greta person who is on top of their assigned work!


Great formatting! Great Interviews! Trevor is that guy who just is good at everything!


Although only doing 1 Interview so far, which still has het the be done cough cough, he’s a nice person all in all and can’t wait to see him do his work in 2019!

And that brings us to our 3 brand new Interviewers! @natedog508, @Thomas and @Josh! Although they have to wait until 2019 to get down to work, I’m very excited for them!

And that’s it, I’m so happy to end the year off with everyone here at IFCI, and we’re all so happy to end the year off with you, IFC!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On behalf of the Team at IFCI
CR3W - Board of Directors


I love how far you guys have gone within the community🙂. Really shows that “2.0” aspect.
Good luck to all in the future!


I’m glad to be working alongside an amazing group of people!


I am so glad to be an interviewer for IFCI

Had my first interview around a week or two ago and I absolutely enjoyed it

Can’t wait for what’s to come in 2019! :D


It was fun while I was there.Your welcome!

What a nice post!
But uhm…what’s IFCI?

IFCI stands for Infinite Flight Community Interviews. We specilize in interviews with the community, we’re best known for spamming the IFC with interview threads every 3 days. We’re working on that

You can check out our thread here!

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Proud to be working with you guys :)

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Cough Cough cough Cough
Still waiting…

Well done to the entire if IFCI team. 👏👏👏

I’m super glad to be apart of this team and i can’t wait to see where this will go! I can’t wait for all of the interviews! Thanks for welcoming me to the team!

PS. I see it’s someones birthday cough cough @hi15td cough cough Happy Birthday Buddy


Thank you Nate.

Any bonuses for me in ACVA? 😉😉😉

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Lol it seems all of our staff are at IFCI, @natedog508 do I need to join to stay with ACVA? Lol


Haha i just realized that


You’re the odd one out 😜

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