A Thank You to the Devs

If I should post this under another “thank you” thread, that’s fine, please tell me. All of them seem slightly different and/or old. I just want to give all of the IF Staff a huge round of applause and thanks for bringing such a great update to an already amazing simulator. (I’m on iOS, so still waiting, but patience is a virtue, right ;) ) Based on what I’m seeing and hearing, this is one for the books. But anyway, you guys constantly get requests and complaints, and some compliments, but I just wanted to say that you are truly a great team, and what you guys code is unbelievable. No matter what some say, Infinite Flight is a wonderfully detailed simulator. I can’t wait to see the wing flex and free cam firsthand ;)


I can’t wait for global flight and buildings!

Please I hate buildings, I hope FDS never adds them… They would cause too much lag and I have a feeling it would look unrealistic, plus it apparently is very expensive, and I think their priority right now is global…

  1. They wouldnt add unrealistic buildings
  2. they would make it so if your device runs too slow you can hide them
  3. everything is expensive bro

I know right…

Can we keep this on topic? :) Anyway, I’m trying to say how we should be thankful for this update, and for now we should not focus on the future changes (although I am slightly guilty of this)…

I also would like to call a thank you to the Developers!!! Sure rock solid members of this sim and amazing people!

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