A Thank You to the Devs

I did a thank-you post a while ago, but I felt like it is about time to give the Devs another congratulatory statement, to help offset some of the negativity that always seems to come up now and again.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Infinite Flight has come a long way from 2013 (when I started playing). I remember pre-global and pre-live, when we were anxiously waiting on updates posted on the short-lived Infinite Flight website blog. (Anyone here remember the 747 post highlighting the reworked “Queen of the Skies”?). These days, Jason does a wonderful job of keeping us in the loop through the much newer and better blog. The recent webcast and interview with Laura (which was a reason why I decided to write this post) was just one example of the new ways in which the developers now communicate with the community.

I’ve always been a dedicated enthusiast of Infinite Flight (even if I am too busy to play as much as I would like :/ ) In my opinion, what’s there not to like? I’ve followed the updates of many aircraft over the years, and the mini rework of the 737 was special in retrospect, because that was the follow-up to my very first update in Infinite Flight (the introduction of the 737 series in 2013). The Devs continue to push the boundaries of app development, and each advancement is amazing in its own right. I personally appreciate anything that adds to gameplay, whether that is a new aircraft or other things, such as ATC improvements or new aircraft features (e.g. wingflex). Everything has come a long way, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch the game and the developer’s skils evolve over time, to bring us more and more intricate work and details.

19.1 promises to be no different and it follows an amazing year of development (18.x) which brought so many new features to the app. Thanks again to the developers, and here’s to another great year of development!


Bravo! Our developers love hearing things like this. Makes them feel good inside ☺️


@Jet_Airways_995 Didn’t necessarily see that one. Although I would prefer to keep this seperate, a moderator can close if necessary! Just wanted to give/show some appreciation to the Devs - they always deserve it!


Can you not ruin the moment?

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A review on the app store is more of a thank you


No not really. Not at all. IFLLC loves when the community comes out and shows their graditude in the community. If doesn’t have to be a app store review. :)

As much I love our developers and am sure that such posts boost their confidence, I believe leaving a 5 Star rating on the App Store/Google Play Store would boost their confidence and help spread Infinite Flight to the masses. Just as @epaga said:

Just left a nice shiny 5 star review on App Store , it’s well deserved considering the effort,time,work and value for money that goes into this sim.


I have written a thank you note for the devs too! :)))

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