A thank you to my mom!

Last night I saw that the Alaska Airlines Honoring those who serve was flying into BZN today. So I sent a text to my mom asking if she would be willing to get a picture of it for me but I am stuck in Portland and am currently not able to see it.

I was expecting that she would be too busy with work, but today was different. While her computer was working on processing data my mom went to the airport and got a few pictures of airplanes.

The first picture is of terminal building with the tail line up of the present airplanes at the time.

The next picture is of a delayed American Airlines 737-800 off to Charlotte.
After the American 737 this Delta A321 took off bound for

The next airplane my mom saw was a Southwest 737-700 going to Las Vegas.

Along with those two my mom caught a Delta Airlines A321 taking off for Atlanta.

After the Delta is an Alaska Airlines E175 honoring those who serve livery taking off from LAX!

After it’s departure the runways switched and my mom caught two more landings. One from a Southwest Airlines 737-700 from Denver.

The other landing was a United E175 from San Francisco.

What pictures were your favorites?

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4
  • Picture 5
  • Picture 6
  • Picture 7
  • Picture 8

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Finishing out I would like to thank my mom for making room in her busy schedule to get these pictures for me and I would like to thank you for looking at these pictures and have a great day or night!


All of them are my favorite!

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Your mom took those?! What a natural…


Awesome shots! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing photos!

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I feel the same way!

Yep she did! All I did was crop them a little bit.

Thank you! I always love posting pictures from BZN!

Thank you!


Nice Shots I saw a few wide bodies fly over my house today but my phone has such terrible quality. Hopping to Get a Camera Setup for plane spotting at Christmas

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Thanks! The camera my mom used was her trusty 16 year old Nikon she got in 2005.

I am looking at the Cannon EOS Rebel T7 with a 75-300mm zoom lens should be good enough to get pictures of planes on the ramp at DFW from Founders Plaza

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Nice! Mine only goes from 45mm-100mm.

Do you think that lens will get me close enough to the planes .I am new to this and I don’t want my parents to get me something that doesn’t work at my airport or gets me blurry pictures

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I would suggest a little more zoom than I have for Founders Plaza and especially if you want to get pictures of planes parked on the ramp.

@NathanD So a 75-300 should be fine

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Yeah you should be fine with that!

Simply phenomenal!!!

Thanks “Mom” for taking the photos!

Thanks Nathan for posting!

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Thank you! My mom had a lot of fun taking the photos!

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Nice photos, there are 7 pictures though, not 8.

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Sorry about that! I forgot one picture that I thought I had already put it in.

I know for a fact my parents wouldn’t have travelled to take pictures of planes, so big pog to your Mum (forgive the Bri’ish)

Can’t wait to see NathanDs’ Mum on Jetphotos


Thank you @Kirito_77! My mom has had a lot of practice over the past few years.