A Thank You to Infinite Flight

Good morning family,

Real quick, I wanted to shout out the amazing team of people who added gate numbers to the in-game map(s). This was the first time in a long time that I was able to successfully taxi to the correct gate at night time!! Usually, I end up one or two gates off because I can’t see what gate I am at until the flight is completed. Hopefully, we can get gate numbers added to the taxiway and on the jet bridges for airports with 3D buildings, but in the meantime this is perfect!! I know you all are working hard on getting us some decent lighting, but I can definitely see progress from the last night flight I had (probably months ago lol). Again, thanks infinite flight for all of the hard work and progress y’all are making ✊🏾😊 As for my fellow pilots, see y’all in the skies 😎👨🏾‍✈️


It’s so refreshing to see a post supporting the hard work the Infinite Flight crew does for us.

But I agree, all their hard work over the past few years is really showing! ✈️


It’s crazy how much this simulator has changed from just 2 years ago! Around this time, the A350 was being released and now we have, procedures, ground maps, gates in game, a few planes with custom sounds, 3D airports, clouds, etc.

I remember us saying that 20.1 was the biggest update since global and now we are consistently changing that statement. It’s awesome!


Infinite flight had rally changed the last few years! The best flight sim remains the best :))

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I did notice when ATC is live that the request to park has changed from “Request taxi to parking” to “Request taxi to parking Any”?

Plans to introduce taxi to specific gate?

Y’all have done an amazing job!!

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Nothing has been confirmed officially yet in this regard. Keep an eye on Infinite Flight’s official social media channels for any announcements regarding up and coming updates including work in progress shots/announcements.


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