A thank you to IF staff

I would just like to say thank you to all of the IFC moderators, staff and the IF development team. I have been playing IF since 2012 and it has sparked my love for aviation and has motivated me to follow a career in aviation.

Thank you


No problem! I’m sure they appreciate you as much as you appreciate them 👍

Happy flying ✈️


Wether I write a huge paragraph, or a short sentence, I still try and make it mean something when I say “Thanks IF team!” From mods, to devs, from staff to airport editors, and IFATC and IFVARB members, y’all are the best, thanks!


Some don’t seem to realised how much effort the guys behind this game put in, thank you all, you’re doing great


i cant imagine how much they have to do especially since every thing is In house, so again thank you so much

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