A thank you for the ATC regions

Hey I saw some people responding about the new ATC regions and I just wanted to add something. I really thank the people behind this idea. It is an extremely bold step in making infinite flight feel realistic and I am behind yall every-time.

Additionally, I know some people are not a huge fan of this idea. But its only a week since the release of this update. Give it some time and I promise you will love it. Because then you will be able to understand what these hard workers are trying to achieve and get the big picture of the idea.

So I just wanted to speak to the Infinite flight users that have patience. I promise you, you will love this update even more when things are more settled. I just wanted to say this. I hope you have a good day. :)))))


Yes 100%. Bold decision indeed. But a wise one and i think a good one for the future.


Thank you @BhuvanBruh I also like the new system, it’s more realistic and less hectic! :)


Totally agree, i feel free as a bird with this new system, i’ve had a lot of fun with it so far.

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