A Test of Metal (Part 1) - B737-700 Landing at WMBT

I was reading through some old forum posts and found a few with difficult approaches, be it due to terrain or a runway as long as your arm and some just as wide. So instead of doing what’s familiar, I thought I’d push myself. In turn, I hope you all enjoy the screenshots with the new drone cam and maybe some might just find the bravery to follow suit. I will post a new flight twice a week in a 6 part series. Feel free to comment, critic, applaude, boo, whatever you like. I enjoy feedback and love to learn.
So without further adieu, one of the more common difficult approaches, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur’s WMBT.

Over the crest to spot the runway

A lot of rudder and throttle work turning in, to keep speed low and nose in the air, while staying very low.

Making final adjustment turns to ensure I hit centre

Now I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but even I was a bit impressed with just how close I got to the edge of the runway.

So close in fact I managed to slow down enough to taxi off with a taxi back down the runway!

I hope you enjoy the pics and hope to see yours in the replies below!


You got the approach right! Great landing, I love WMBT. Before I knew the approach, I would fly right over the mountain and practically stall the plane to get it down.


Thanks Kyle. I know exactly what you mean. I did a few passes in the Cessna 308 to get my bearings and it took a while to nail the approach. Luckily I nailed it first time around in the 737 :)

Probably won’t be able to do it as nicely again though 😂

*208 indeed. Fat fingers 😝

Full flaps
20% trim
Weight 50%


Cessna 208

From what l read you did not specify which rwy at WMBT…but I assume you meant rwy 20 …which is a pretty straight shot… for the 737 series or up to the A321 as well as CX…Cessna and SR22 props…and you can even throw in an F14…which has much more maneuverability…proper timing and reverse throttle implementation…are the main considerations in my successful approach and landing attempts…however…IMHO…it it possible with almost split second timing and more intensive practice to land on rwy 2 …but you have a fine edge to reorient yourself on the rwy before you either slide off it or not actuate the reverse throttle in time…much easier in a prop where your final landing speed is around 65 kts or less compared to no less than 110 kts or so in the jets before you will stall out…at least that has been my experience…

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charging my ipad to try this now!!

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Enjoy…you are only limited by your frequency of practice regimen…

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Nice, but the all-important question…why is a KLM 737-700 landing at WMBT?

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Much credit to you. I flew a 208 in from the opposite direction the first time, no idea where the runway was going to be. Needless to say I missed it. Can’t wait to try this out!

It’s not the first time I do it
A piece 'o cake
I done the A380

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It would be nice if you kept a little more to realism and only landed aircraft at airports they we’re intended for…A380’s IRL could or would never attempt to land there to start with…that being said… l guess a 747 or new 787x …you probably have landed there too…even though the rwy is only around 3300 ft…and you need at least 7000 ft… for any big jet…fly on…

I love WMBT, one of my favorite airports! Very fun to land in.

That tailstrike though… :D

@anon45516261 is that you on the right??

What airport and date? It Maybe me!

I was controlling Canberra airport ground & tower. I believe that was 6pm yesterday here in Australia when I took that screenshot

Nope. Not me

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