A test flight of the F 35 was the first time Israeli

A test flight of the F 35 Israel was the first time the United States stated ceremony of the F 35 Israel was on June 22, so today was the first flight to Israel is scheduled to receive the first two Israel in December this year is an important exploration areas, the F35 Israeli firm Elbit manufactures a special helmet F35

Israel will be the first country to fly F35 operational after the United States
The first 35 F delivered to Israel<img image


The U.K. also has this aircraft so Israel isn’t the second country to have it operational

Many countries have already Britain Netherlands Italy but by Lockheed Martin it is not yet operational Israeli air force could be used if something happens to be able to bring down a plane or attack ground and eventually the F35 will arrive within a year, year and a half I think he Iisttf operational operational actions

From what I have read they are test flights with Israel and Israels ones will be delivered in December, the U.K. Has some but they are being used at air shows and for training I believe as they wont be combat/mission ready until the end of the year

It’s Lockheed :)

Sorry mistake

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It will arrive in December and within a few months it will have been fighting I know and it does not say here 140 Squadron has been established and its pilots were already practicing on a plane Texas

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