A Terribly Unfortunate Day for Me in Istanbul

So, at about 13:41 UTC, I requested pushback, all normal. A minute later, requested taxi. All good. About 9 minutes into what should have been a 25 minute taxi, I realized I requested the wrong runway, and then proceeded to request the one I wanted, based off of what the flight I was copying did IRL, and I did that, and ATC accidentally gave me the wrong runway, so I said “correction, stand by”, and requested taxi again, and Ground went offline immediately afterwards. I taxi to the runway I wanted, but I needed to cross a runway to get to it, (I wanted 34L for departure), so I hold short of 34R until ground comes back online. I request runway crossing. 5 minutes goes by, 10, 20, 30 minutes now, 45 minutes, 55 minutes, an hour, an hour 10, and finally, 1 hour and 14 minutes and 20 seconds after I request a runway crossing, I get a frequency change to Tower. It doesn’t end here. I respond and switch, and it turns out it was the wrong airport. I was at LTFM, and I was given a change to LTBA. So I wait a few minutes to see if anything happens, and nothing does, so I request a frequency change, which I was promptly given, so I switch to LTFM tower, and 2 seconds after I do so, tower goes offline. So here I wait. It 15:31 UTC now. It has been an hour and 50 minutes since I started a 20-25 minute taxi. And I finally get to take off now. But this couldn’t have happened without the help of outside intervention by another IFATC contacting the ground controller I was with for an hour and 15 minutes.

Oh, by the way, I recorded the entire thing.

Update 15:33 UTC: Tower went offline again as I was about to request departure

Update 15:34 UTC: Tower is online again

Update 15:38 UTC: I finally took off, not from the runway I had originally intended, but at least I got to actually take off.

(I consulted a member of IFATC before posting this, and they approved this topic.)


Wow that’s some real dedication, 1hr on the ground, Istanbul must be mad right now. Hope you didn’t have to refuel 😬

Just a case of bad luck really 🤷‍♂️ Wish you luck with your next flight.

Cign :)


Actually, the airport was pretty empty the whole time.

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Oh… rip something else must have gone on then 🤷‍♂️

Wow. That’s a really long time. Were sorry you had to wait so long!

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Interesting. Sorry you had to wait for so long.

I recommend you give the controllers who made mistakes feedback in a quick PM like the one who handed you off to tower at the wrong airport. It could help them improve if they are new. It could also just be a small mistake. :)

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Hey, that was probably me, if you want I can discuss further about this in a DM, there is no point in creating a topic about this if you can just contact the controller directly

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I can confirm that I saw you still holding short of 35R when I landed, you were there when I was in Greece

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The fact that it was a number of unfortunate events, as well as my desire to not end the flight, and the fact that it was more than one controller, was what prompted me to create the topic. But also the fact that the IFATC member who approved this actually told me to complain on the IFC before I started writing this topic. That was the what was mainly made me make this topic.

I’ll DM you.

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So, let’s dissect this in detail.

I’ll start with the topic itself. By saying you were approved by an IFATC member, you were approved by a supervisor or moderator? Asking a general controller has no authority; ask a supervisor or moderator.

And, why didn’t you ask again? I’d say after 20 minutes is a good minimum for asking again. You could’ve also ended the flight if you didn’t want to wait.

Lastly, why didn’t you contact the controller or an IFATC supervisor or moderator? Sending your replay to @moderators can allow them to address and take action. Shaming in public does nothing but prolong the issue and draw yourself unneeded attention.


Controller replied will continue via PM. We would like to see the replay (not a video) if possible.