A terrible ending

Hey guys. Last night I started a 14 hour flight from Singapore to Seattle. However, the ending wasn’t so great…

Singapore 🇸🇬 to Seattle 🇺🇸


14 hours

Traveled with some friends: @anon5737051 @Populeux_Music @NYFLFlyer22

Now for the photos.

Takeoff at Singapore

Over the pacific at FL380.

A little later we reach the Sea of Okhotsk.

Soon after we find the Bearing Sea.

And here we are at Shelton, the last place I reached before… I disconnected.🤦‍♂️

Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures! And credits to @NoahM for the idea of putting text on the picture. 😉


It was very fun it would have been the best if you guys landed😞. I definitely enjoyed the flight thanks for inviting me😁

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Nice pictures, and nice font too!


I agree, this font is nice !!

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I had a great time!
Shame mine disconnected and crashed too…while I was on final.

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It was also fun escorting you guys!