A Taxiway Marking Misplaced

Hi, so I flew to London Stantsed (EGSS) yesterday and when i was exiting the runway I noticed something strange with the taxiway marking.

Here’s the picture of it:

Here’s a close up:

Notice that the full line is on the wrong way
As the (- - - -) stripe should be on the runway side.
Sorry for my bad English, English isn’t my mother language. Anyway Have A Great Day, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.


There’s two of them for a reason. The first one is the ILS boundary critical line, and the second one is the hold short line.


But one of the hold short line is the wrong way

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I could change it, but don’t have time for that change now. I have a list to complete

Hey, thanks for the report. I have notified our team through our slack channel and someone will take a look at it.

-Aceorbit, Infinite Flight Airport Editor


I am sure it is a known issue at multiple airports