A Survey for You (Closed)

Hello all of the IFC! Recently, my (super awesome fun cool) math teacher assigned us a research project where we must gather data a turn it into a circle graph (pie chart, and yes, this is grade 8 math in Alberta, and yes, this is rather easy). Anyways, I have made a Google Form for you to fill out. My question is:

What North American Airline do you Prefer?

I will be closing this tomorrow at 2019-04-25T18:54:00Z (this automatically converts to your time zone) when my math class starts. Any and all answers are appreciated! Thanks!


Just submitted, hope all goes to plan :)

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I voted. 😀

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Voted 👍🏻👍🏻

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I just voted.

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Make sure you do the math correct LOL 😂 😉

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Hey, I’m in AP (accelerated placement) math, so I must be doing something right!

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Just responded with the best airline out there ;D


LOL you go I’m in PreAlg lol I’m slow

@Joseph007 I know yours

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Well, there is some major beef between American and United right now…

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AmErIcAn AlL tHe WaY BrOtHeR

Answered ;)

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I wonder what MrMrMan picked 🙄



I’m gonna take a guess in you voting on Canada?

just Voted!

Voted in a one for my class
westjet won

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Voted. I’m 95% certain that Delta will come out on top.

You would be surprised :)

Oooooo. My guess is American