A Sunset Flight to the California Coast

Phoenix to Monterey

Today, I decided to go into the shoes of a regional airline pilot, flying four different flights for American Eagle. I started the morning at my home airport, Long Beach, flying to Phoenix in the CRJ-700. I then did a round trip to and from Tuscon (KTUS). Finally, to end the night, I flew from Phoenix to Monterey in the CRJ-900, in the northern part of California.

Flight: Phoenix (KPHX) to Monterey (KMRY)
Flight Time: 1 hour and 28 minutes (1:28)
Airline/Livery: American Eagle CRJ-900
Server: Expert

Doors closed, ready for pushback with an A319 of Delta in the background headed to Salt Lake City.

Liftoff, and away we go to Monterey.

Cruising at FL360, as we say farewell to Arizona and greetings to California.

Fast forward to final approach to 10R at Monterey in the best possible lighting.

Touchdown on 10R, and we have arrived in Monterey.

Saying good night to my bird, ready to head to our hotel for the night.

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Nice post, like seeing under-used airports in use rather than the major hubs.


Lovely pics!
I love KMRY IRL, I’ve flown there from Van Nuys in a single-engine trainer and I had the best time there. They have an excellent FBO and a wonderfully scenic airport restaurant there too. And the takeoff from 10L is… swoon


Beautiful photos 😍😍

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Love that you flew to Monterey, it is very pretty IRL

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