A Sunset Departure Out Of Mexico City

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to perform a parallel takeoff with “A Random Delta Virtual Pilot Based In Detroit”, or @Luke_Sta to begin my long haul to Munich. Here are some photos from the departure.

Route: Mexico City (MMMX) → Munich (EDDM)
Livery: Lufthansa A350
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 10:22

Two photos of the takeoff roll.

Rotating off of 23R with @Luke_Sta airborne off of 23L

Beginning my right hand turn as Luke makes his left hand turn.

Flying back over the airport with a 747 in the background, as I climb to cruise and say good night.


Nice pictures!

Flies with the man who controlled Denver more than 10h


ok I guess I’m 10 (13) hour Denver guy now

That was nice getting the coordination of the departure, and I hope you had a nice flight!

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dang, really beautiful

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Nice to see people taking off my home country

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Beautiful photos!