A Sunrise to Never Forget

G’day all, I hope y’all are doing okay and are all healthy. Yesterday, I did a flight from Zürich to Moscow in the Infinite Flight livery for their 9th birthday. The flight was also a bit different than usual as I went for a low pass through the Swiss Alps. I can definitely say that the Swiss Alps are absolutely beautiful, lucky @Marc living in Switzerland with them. I do post more pictures on my Instagram account which you can follow me @qantas094. So, I hope y’all enjoy this picture.

Flight Time: 5 hours and 24 minutes

Time: Morning

Route: Zürich to Moscow | LSZH - UUWW

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900

Airline: Infinite Flight

Server: Expert

Same as last time just mention me if you’ve used something.


Amazing picture!
(As always lol)

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Amazing picture! The fog combined with angle looks so perfect!

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Thanks guys!

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Wow what a photo!

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Very nice!

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Nice picture, but where’s the sun?

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Tis a sunrise my friend resulting in lighting as seen in the picture provided


What they released the clouds for the update?!

That is fog


Thanks guys, @dca.iad.aviation the sun doesn’t have to be in the shot for it to be called a sunrise shot, the time of day was sunrise.


Yeah, I get that now, sorry bout that comment, I was just in a controversial mood.

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