A Sunrise on the Persian Gulf to a Clear Day in the City of Brotherly Love


Hello everybody it’s the ” Screenshot topic spammer “ In the words of @AlphaSeven :)
Anyways, back in August I flew Doha to Philadelphia with the Qatar 77W and the flight time was 13 Hours and 19 Minutes, so for the past 6 months I’ve been trying to break that and that’s why I’ve had so many long haul posts. I wanted to break the record because- 1: Who doesn’t like breaking a personal record and 2: Because the A350 wasn’t in the game I used the 777 which isn’t realistic. Because I knew I was going to make a post with screenshots from this flight I waited until 10:30 PM so the sun was rising in Doha. I like flying between Doha and Philly because other than the usual, boring European airlines like Lufthansa, Aer Lingus and British Airways, Qatar is the only interesting airline we get. I was joined by @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 even though we got separated over the Atlantic and I landed 20 minutes before him.

Flight time was 13 Hours 41 Minutes which was my longest (only for a week) because I shattered that on Friday. I’ll have that post in the next few days.

Flight Details

Doha to Philadelphia
Qatar Airways A350-900
Qatari 727 Heavy

🇶🇦 •🇺🇸

Rotating off of Runway 34R as a fellow Qatar A350 holds short Putting the gear up as we climb through Doha’s yellow sky The turquoise waters and white sands of the Persian Gulf Cruising above the mountains of Pazaryolu, Turkey Battling the headwinds of the Jet stream as we fly over the ice of Greenland The St. Lawrence River of Québec after we cross the North American Coast Preparing to start our descent as we fly over one of my favorite cities in the world, Burlington, Vermont
Turning toward the runway over the skyline of the United State’s sixth most populous city Putting the bread down as we approach the 12,000 foot runway on a clear, February afternoon Touching down as we flare in Philly!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What was the busiest destination out of Philadelphia in 2019 by passenger count?

  • Orlando
  • Los Angeles
  • Boston

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The answer to yesterday’s question was Delta which only 35% of people got right! And to the 5 people who guessed United, they don’t even fly into JFK



Great shots again Noah!

I have actually seen the plane used for this route IRL when I flew into Philly about a month ago!

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Stop flexing those wings. 😂

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Those are great pictures!

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Many great shots once again! Greenland looks incredible as does the A350, and you capture its beauty extremely well as always!

My favourite today is this one, thanks for sharing!


That literally used to be me when I made these topics everyday. Oh, how the tables have turned.
(I never had that nickname though)

Wether you’re a screenshot topic spammer or not, these are some great photos once again, @NoahM! That Qatar livery sure looks good on the A350.

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Yippy, I got it correct🥳

And yeah…, about those pics… the first one is a bit dark. But for the rest I really like them :D

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Thank you! Depending on the flight plan this plane sometimes descends into Philly just a few miles away from my house so I can see it! Usually it’s when its passing through 6,000 ft so it’s fun to see

Thanks a lot! @OneLetterShor2

I’m running out of ways to respond to you, besides thanks! :)
Canada is surprisingly (or not really) beautiful! And Greenland was cool too

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Thank you! I’m a big fan of the Qatar livery, it’s simple but classic, the maroon and silver is such a great match! And the A350 can only make it better

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And yeah, I agree with you apart the first picture too, just a little dark

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nice pics from the flight we did. yeah my step climbing even though the speed was the same drew me back 20 minutes so sorry about that.

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Back with a stunner topic! Nice shots, love to see those sunrise shots! Wish I could do long hual A350 flights…

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Lovely post A350 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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The cropping on these is much better, Noah! Well done.

And thanks for flying from Doha using the amazing QR 350! (Qatar Airways fan here if you didn’t know ;)

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Thanks as always! There are still a lot of short haul A350 flights to do, especially around the Middle East and Japan

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The A350 is great!


Haha, the average flight time for the route is 13:51 so I was pretty much right on it

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