A Sunrise on The Jersey Shore to a Sunny Morning on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Today an Atlantic City International Airport (ACY) Flyout was hosted by @InfiniteFlight48. I left in wave 1 at 7:30 AM EST as the sun was rising in Atlantic City. I flew South to Fort Myers (like I always fly to in Florida) and landed just after 9:45 EST. When I landed in Fort Myers I was greeted by @Joseph_Spinner as he was using the Spirit A321 flying up to Atlantic City from Fort Myers. After a little while at the gate in Fort Myers, I flew back up to Atlantic City where there was low visibility and 35 knot winds. It was a very rough approach and diverting to Philly or Newark was very much in the picture. I landed just behind @Joseph_Spinner after he was forced to go around because of wind shear on final. It took me 2 hours 18 minutes to get to Fort Myers and 1 hour 57 minutes to fly back to Atlantic City.

Thanks to
@InfiniteFlight48 for setting this up • @Matt93 and @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 for ATC!

Flight Details

Atlantic City - Fort Myers - Atlantic City
SpiritWings 943 / 944
2:18 • 1:57 — 4:15
Airbus A320-200

Lined up on the runway facing the rising sun
Gear up as we cross the Jersey Shore and Turn Southwest toward Southern Florida After a little more than an hour and a half in the air, we fly over the Gulf Coast waters of Western Florida Like I always say, the approach into Fort Myers is stunning Touching down on a 65 degree morning in Florida At the gate as @Joseph_Spinner lifts off and climbs out of Fort Myers bound for Atlantic City After a while at the gate, we climb out and turn North toward the New Jersey Coast Flying over Winter Park, just north of Orlando Getting battered by 40 MPH winds on approach into runway 13 of Atlantic City On the Ryanair of the United States as we slam the gear on the pavement as the Spirit A321 which we followed up from Fort Myers taxis to the gate. And as @InfiniteFlight48 sits in his Delta 737-900

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo! @JulianB another Airbus post for you :)


Thank you so much for attending the event, and a shoutout to me! In the final picture I believe that I was the Delta Airlines 737-900 on the right!

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Nevermind, the final picture was landing in KACY. Can I use these pictures for when I post pictures after the event?


Yes you’re that 739 on the right in the last picture! And sure you can use these

Your pictures, as always are awesome. I love the 2nd one with the gear coming up and and nose into the sun!

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An Airbus topic! Very well done once again! The scenery is really cool and is well promoted by your pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice, this is what #screenshots-and-videos category is suited for :)

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Now those are really great, wether the landing lights are edited or not, you’ve still improved with your photos so much!

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nice man glad i could get you in safely.

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Thanks a lot! It really means a lot if you think my photos are consistently good 😊

Yes Airbus! And like I say every time I fly into Fort Myers, Florida has amazing scenery that is always fun, thanks for the compliment :)

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Thanks a lot @Ondrejj!

Oh noooo you’re right, I forgot about editing the landing lights!!!

Thanks a lot for the great ATC in tough conditions!

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