A Sunrise on the Capital River to a Busy Day in the Florida Keys


So hello people, as I hope you know, one of the featured airports today, and the busiest airport of the day is Key West, Florida. Key West has destinations in the US to major US Cities, like Atlanta for Delta, and Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston among others for American. I was in Washington DC (DCA) for my career mode at @AmericanVirtual so I wanted to fly down to Key West this morning. I flew this route just last week too so I knew the views would be great, and they were. It’s hard to find good scenery on the East Coast of the United States but I think I found some good scenery by using skyvector.com to make a flight plan (if you want it, just comment and I can give it to you). I wanted to fly out at sunrise, so I woke up at 5:45 AM, flew the River Departure and then went to bed until 8AM again. I used the E175 just like real life, and flight time was 2 hours and 51 minutes because the 175 is slow, my routing was a little longer and it was REALLY busy in Key West, so big props to the controllers because spacing was a big challenge.

Ronald Reagan National Airport to Key West
Brickyard (AAVA) 643
Embrear E175
2 Hours and 51 Minutes

Rotating off of runway 1 as the sun shines against the fuselage
Turning to follow the Potomac River as we climb steeply out of Washington DC The Shenandoah Mountain Range over Southern Virginia
Hugging the West Florida Coast as we fly South to the Southernmost airport in the Continental United States
Just West of the major Florida City of Tampa The amazing turquoise waters as the Stretch of the Florida Keys begins Putting the gear down as we approach runway 9 after making weird and random turns to space and Many planes hold short of the runway as I approach the short 5,000 foot runway Hovering off the runway as a group of XCubs wait at their stands Cool colored and painted XCubs

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Key West does not celebrate this holiday, instead they replace it with a holiday called “Fantasy Fest”

  • Christmas
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Halloween

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The answer to the last question was 8 which 75% got correct!


Technically fantasy fest doesn’t replace any holidays, but it’s considered it’s own ‘separate’ holiday.


Wow, that livery really complements your editing style!

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e m b r e a r

I actually died at this.

The one C172: sadness noises

Haha nice pics!

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Have you found a route to Slovakia that you will fly?

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Nice flight, when are you gonna post the screenshots of Salt Lake City to Atlanta? or vice versa, i don’t remember lol

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How do these pictures look so real???

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I think I saw you! I was flying down from LGA!

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Love the color bursting! Great job. 🙌🏻

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Beautiful pictures, I really can’t get enough of that livery. And that last photo was absolutely amazing! Keep up the great pictures!

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@Pingu by the time I saw that it was too late :(

@snoman it’s one of my favorite liveries too! I love US Airways

@Suhas Majority rules, the C172 can give my phone a ring if he wants to complain. And yes, the 175 HOVERS

@Philippe_Gilbert I haven’t yet, but I’m looking

@Sashaz55 I guess I missed you :( probably while I was asleep

@reer104 I was deciding between that or Vancouver to Munich but because you brought it up I’ll post Atlanta to Salt Lake City, do you want me to tag you in it so you see it?

@infiniteflight_17 @dca.iad.aviation thanks. A lot guys! :D

@Rian_OShea thanks Rian! I love the US Air livery , I always use it when I can


I love the saturation you did with the pictures! Incredible!

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sure thing!

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My man 😎

Nice shots as always, Noah!

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@cptlogue thanks a lot! I’m happy you like it :)

@Luke_Sta always flying for AAAVAVAQ 😎
Thanks Luke!

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Couldn’t have said that any better! Awesome photos Noah!


Thanks so much Anshul!

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