A Sunrise in the Motor City to Japan’s Biggest City

Detroit Metro to Tokyo Narita

So I haven’t had an A350 post in a long time so I decided to post one today. This is a route I flew alllll the way back on March 10th, and it’s crazy how much has happened since then. On March 10, I hated school, and now (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I miss school. Anyways, for this route that I flew back in March, I timed my takeoff with the sunrise in Detroit, flew through the day when I went to school and came back, and then landed around 8:30 PM later that night, which was in the morning in Tokyo when we arrived. Delta flies this route in real life using the A350 and I used it too, it’s actually the only time I’ve ever used the Delta 350. We had a continuous sunrise over Canada, the North Pole, Alaska and North Russia as it was back in Winter. Flight time was 13 hours 7 minutes.

Flight Details

Detroit to Tokyo Narita
Delta 175 Heavy
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert

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A sunrise departure from Michigan’s biggest city Goodbye Detroit! The gear go up with our next stop being Tokyo Climbing past the setting moon The tundra of North Canada as we contact Santa Center on frequency 12.25 Over the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido Amazing Mountain View’s as we get ready to descend into Tokyo Descending into the busy Tokyo airspace Getting a parallel approach with our Brother A350 coming in from Minneapolis Touching down in Tokyo!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Which of these is true about Detroit

  • It is known as the Capital of the Midwest
  • It is the only city in the United States where you can drive due South and go into Canada
  • It is the warmest city in the country

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The answer to the last question was Natural Gas and Oil which only 15% got correct!

I’ll probably post tomorrow with Hong Kong to Paris!


I love the shadows here! Awesome shots :)


Nice shots! Love visiting Detroit in Infinite and IRL! Hope it was a good flight!

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Tokyo Arrival, good morning! Great pictures as always! The A350 is just such a sleek airplane, and you showcase its beauty really, really well. Thanks for sharing ;)


Your photos never disappoint. These ones are no exception.

Great work!

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Beautiful can’t wait to see more of these.

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@Aero thanks! I love that angle :)

@Joseph007 thank you!

@anon38496261 thanks so much, the A350 definitely helps with that 😊

@Anthony_Williams thanks! :D


Thanks Julian! I think the 350 looks great in the Delta livery, and super sleek like you said. Also some great scenery on this route which made it really fun to fly!

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Oh man.That’s cool,like it 😍

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Very beautiful, excelent work!!!

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They are incredible!!!

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@Di_Hu @Cpt_Israeli @Luke_King-kong thanks so much guys! 😊


I’m totally doing this next week. Great photos!

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You should! It’s a really fun route

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Wait, on this flight did you see Mount Denali?