A Sunrise in the Arizona Desert to the Lush Forests of the Pacific Northwest

Phoenix to Portland

So back last Monday, on Memorial Day in the United States, many airports in Mexico, and Phoenix were the featured airports so I was looking for some fun routes out of Phoenix that I could fly for @AmericanVirtual and would provide for a fun flight with some good views while I finished my homework for the week. I thought about airports like Spokane, Reno or Sacramento but I settled on flying to Phoenix because I could use the 737, which is surprisingly an aircraft that I love, but barely fly. I decided to use the old vintage TWA livery, which is my favorite special American livery in-game, 3rd in real life behind the America West and US Airways Heritage liveries. I always love Portland, and somehow, on this flight I was still blown away by the amazing scenery of Oregon and the super fun approach into the airport. I took off just after 8 AM Eastern, or 5 AM in Phoenix which would time my departure with an amazing sunrise I. The desert, I them flew North over Nevada, California and up into North Oregon. The scenery change was amazing, from Desert to Mountains to Lush Forests and it definitely did not disappoint. I flew the Mill Visual
To runway 28R (I put a picture of the approach in the “Flight Details” box) and flight time was 2 hours and 22 minutes.

Flight Details

Phoenix to Portland
American (AAVA) 643
Boeing 737-800


Pushing back next to a company A321 after flying in from Los Angeles, waiting for its next hop to Dallas Rotating as an American 787 sits in storage wiring for capacity to pick up, allowing it to fly Climbing over the Red deserts of Arizona as the sun rises The stunning mountains of East California Over Yosemite National Park, and Mammoth Airport, MMH, one of my favorite in the world Descending into Portland from 38,000 feet over the town of Idanha The hills and lush forests of Oregon provide for some stunning views Turning to align with runway 28R flying the Mill Visual into Portland Touching down in the Rip City!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Portland got its name when 2 Pioneers, named Asa Lovejoy and Francis Pettygrove flipped a coin in 1845 to decide the name of Portland, Pettygrove won the coin flip and named it Portland, but if Lovejoy won, what would be the name of Portland today?

  • Miami
  • Boston
  • Albany

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The answer to the last question was English which 59% got correct! From the Random Islands of the Pacific, to the Scenic Views on the Reef Runway


You put to much effort into these screenshot topics, I love them!

Lovely pictures :)

Question: Are they edited?

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@NoahM My fellow rival😜 Jk good pics brother as always!

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Typo? Awesome pictures as always!

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-466 fpm? Ouch…
lol nice shots

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@Luke_King-kong thanks Luke! I definitely spend way to much time on these lol, probably about 2 hours + the flight time. And I yes I edit these! I use Snapseed and the default Apple editor

@Kevinsoto1502 hmmm 🤔 do I want to thank you? Haha jk thanks a lot! 😂

@Captain_Finck I don’t even remember typing that sentence so we will call it a typo lol

@Suhas yeahhhhhh, I didn’t realize that until I put in the IF-Ops picture, but Ryanair is the featured airline today, so I guess it “connects” everything a little better


Beautiful photos! I saw you flying this route! I don’t know if you saw me!

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Great shots, they are so cool!! :)

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Even after all your topics explaining this I still don’t get the ‚visual‘ part of it. This one even has waypoints in it, which really makes it more like an RNAV approach for me…
Sounds really scenic though!

Absolutely stunning pictures too. The change in scenery is remarkable and seeing these fantastic wing views makes me just miss flying even more. Thanks for these stunning impressions!

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The second to last pic is awesome! Perfectly framed.


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Keep doing this. Please. Tag me when you do them 😂

One question. What server?

and as well great job 👌

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Quick question!

How do you get this?


Download the app called “In-Fight Operations”


Ok got it!


@MJP_27 thanks! I vaguely remember seeing you, but it was a week ago so I’m not sure, we’re you flying in from London? And sorry, somehow I missed your question, but yeah I used IF-Operations like @Captain_Finck said

@CaptainLeo1 @Alec thanks a lot guys! 😊

@Ur_Friendly_Approach thanks! It was on expert, and I’ll tag you whenever I make these :D

@JulianB I’m not sure either tbh, that’s just what VirtualHub called it, but it was a lot of fun! I really want to fly this route in real life, even tho I know that will never happen :(.


Very nice… I love the 8th pic, the angle it’s just amazing!

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Yes I was flying in from London!

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Yeah, American „Visual“ Approaches are somewhat more chart based than their European counterparts.

Never say never!

mom im scared. Kona was FNF recently and he hasn’t posted a Kona post. i think something’s wrong with him.

anyways, beautiful pics.

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Wow, I just stumbled upon this, I remember your pictures!
They’re beautiful there!

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