A Sunrise in Thailand to The Scariest Approach in the World at Kai Tak

Bangkok to Kai tak

So as I’m sure you noticed, I’m slacking and I haven’t made a post in over a week, I’m gonna try to be posting more often, but honestly as summer comes I will be flying less, and posting less. For this flight it will be a little different than mine usually are. I flew this a few weeks ago when Kai Tak was one of the featured airports, I decided to fly in from Bangkok, Thai used to fly this route to Kai Tak before the airport closed in 1998. As you obviously know, Kai Tak was known for its “Checkerboard Approach” and steep final turn just before touch down. This was actually my first time flying to Kai Tak in IF and it was a lot of fun, I times my departure with sunrise in Kai Tak and landed after 2 hours and 1 minute.

Flight Details

Bangkok to Hong Kong
Thai 643 Heavy
@Ur_Friendly_Approach @JulianB

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An early Morning rotation from Thailand’s biggest city Gear up as we climb into the sunrise sky At cruise over Nong Phok, Thailand Crossing the east coast of Vietnam Over Hainan as we speed toward Hong Kong On our way toward Hong Kong over the fun colored water just outside of Macao Turning as we descend toward Kai Tak with the new airport, Chep Lap Kok in view A steeeeeeeeeepppppp turn to final Not lined up, but not going around on final in front of a Singapore DC-10 from guess where… Singapore 😱 About a -5,000 FPM Landing in Kai Tak!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo, and as note, @Suhas and his acquaintances will be banned from flying on Noah Air

Which of the following airlines did not fly into Kai Tak before it closed?

  • Virgin Atlantic
  • United
  • Air Koryo
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Greaatttttt photos!

I sure do love Kai Tak, truly an icon of the true Hong Kong :)


@NoahM GREAT PHOTOS as always!


Love to see the MD11 getting a bit of attention, nice shots!

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eh these are mediocre i guess ;)

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Best plane choice.

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@anon72640624 thaaankkkk you! I love Kai Tak! I always saw videos of it before I was into aviation

@Infinite_Pro thanks! 😊

@Aero I like flying it but I don’t too often, it’s definitely interesting To say the least

@Ur_Friendly_Approach it was a fun aircraft choice!

@Suhas oh I can tell by the like count 😂


Great pictures! I don’t know how you manage Kai Tak

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It’s tough! But still a lot of fun

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Great photos!! Glad you are back!!


Thanks! I just didn’t feel like taking screenshots 😂

I still need to fly into Kai Tak. It’s high up on my bucket list!

Also, great shots! I love the second to last one.

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Thanks! It’s a lot of fun but definitely a little a sketchy 😂

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That’s a positive G landing ;)

Great pictures too of an airplane I rarely if ever see online or IRL. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! I always love seeing the rare MD-11 even if it’s just FedEx or UPS too, but that’s landing… ouch is an understatement

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