A Sunrise In South Florida as We Fly Up the Coast to the Nation’s Capital

This morning I decided to fly from Fort Myers, FL (RSW) up to Reagan National in Washington D.C. (DCA) I took off just after 7:00 AM as the sun rose in Fort Myers and after flying for an 1 hour and a half I flew the famous River Visual into Runway 19. I used the JetBlue E190 which is used in real life. Total flight time was 1 hour 53 minutes

Flight Details

Fort Myers, FL to Washington D.C.
JetBlue 643
Embraer E190
1 Hour 53 Minutes
892 Miles
15 Hours of Driving Time

Rotating out of an Orange Morning Climbing out on a Hazy, December Morning Ascending past the Turquoise Blue Floridian Coast
Turning Inland after crossing Kiawah Island and Charleston, SC Descending into D.C. through Northern Virginia Hand-Flying the plane through the River Visual with Washington in the Background Turning the Short-Final approach A terrible touch down after a late turn to Final Approach

Please let me know your thoughts, and I would seriously recommend trying the River Visual!


Nice pictures I especially like the ones with the sunrises

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Thank you!

Very cool photos I love DCA! 👍🏽☺️

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Thanks! The river visual is always fun to do