A Sunrise in Pennsylvania’s Biggest City to a Busy Day in the Jamaican Paradise


So this morning I decided to fly a route of the week for @AmericanVirtual, Philadelphia to Montego Bay, Jamaica. American uses their A321 and 767 (not anymore 767 😢) on this route so I decided to use the A321 because the 767 looks awful in the old American livery. My plan was to wake up at 6:30 AM, fly the plane to 10,000 feet and go back to sleep for 2 hours before starting my descent. I woke up, thought it looked a little dark to be 6:30, because that’s when the sunrise is, got a flight plan and flew the plane to 10,000 feet. I was about to go back to bed, when I realized it was 2:15 AM 🤦‍♂️. I never checked the clock. So then I woke up actually at 6:30 and my flight went as planned on the second try. I’m an idiot and flight time was 3 hours and 24 minutes.

Also, thanks a lot to @Jaylan_Brown for ATC at MKJS!

Flight Details

Philadelphia to Montego Bay
American 643
Airbus A321


🇺🇸 • 🇯🇲

Rotating off of runway 27L The sunlit control panel as we climb through 300 feet into the clear Philly sky

Slowly climbing out over Delaware in front of a full Moon After 2 hours we cruise over the busy Floridian city of Miami Taking a little bit of detour to fly over the turquoise Florida Keys The view off the right wing of the Keys Descending through the mountains of Jamaica On final approach as a Spirit A321 bound for Fort Lauderdale holds short
Touching down in front of a FedEx MD-11F!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Jamaica was the first tropical country to take place in what?

  • The World Hockey Championship
  • The Winter Olympics
  • The Alaskan Bobsled Race

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@Tajay you better get this right 👀

The answer to yesterday’s question was a mining town which 71% got correct!


Nice photos, as always!

Took you long enough to believe me😁


Nice Photos!

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Your welcome bro 😄

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Oohh this is awesome!!

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Wow! These shots are amazing! I love the ones with the Keys!

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Stunning pictures! And you are extremely committed flying at such an early time of the day!

Also the American livery is just looking fantastic on the A321, especially with Caribbean scenery or a great sunrise.

Very well made post, as always, thanks for sharing!

Also Nr. 2 is another great contender for IFs Social Media in my opinion!


Nice pics as usual! Didn’t find a single error… :(
I love Jamaica though! Lucky enough to have visited in 2017. Lovely place. I also love Cool Runnings! Anyways, nice pics, can’t wait to see more.

sanka… you dead mon?

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That second to last picture is amazing! Great

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@MJP_27 @Kevinsoto1502 thanks guys! :D

@Hymenopus_Coronatus thanks! I love the keys, they’re amazing!

@Suhas you’re making me look out for grammar mistakes now! 😂
And I’m you’re lucky to have been to Jamaica, it looks awesome

@TransportForLife thanks! :D


@JulianB thanks Julian! :D
I love the American livery because of how clean it is and for some reason the silver definitely fits with the Caribbean scenery!

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Grammar 100


@NoahM Bro we for real have to fly. We need to colab on a photo sesh together😅