A Sunrise In Japan’s Biggest City to the White Sands of the Kohala Coast


So a few days ago I had the opportunity to fly one of the routes I’ve been wanting to fly for a LONG time. For the Regulars Flyout at Tokyo I had the opportunity to fly Narita to Kona. Big thanks to @Thunderbolt for hosting and @Rian_OShea for the ATC. Japan Air flies to Kona from Narita in real life, and for that reason there is a big Japanese tourist presence on the Big Island. The 767-300 is used in real life, we don’t have this in Infinite Flight so I used the 787-9 to replace it. I left Narita at about 2:15 PM Eastern so I arrived in Kona just after 9PM, or 3PM in Kona. Flight time was 6 hours 51 minutes.

Flight Details and Flight Plan

Tokyo Narita to Kailua Kona
Japan Air 643
Boeing 787-9

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Taxiing to the runway as a 767 rolls down bound for Portland Climbing into the sunrise sky Leaving the Coast of Japan for the sunny shores and white Sands in the middle of the Pacific Nothing to look at except for water and the beautiful Dreamliner over the ocean Half way across the Pacific we pass the island still of Midway, home to the Battle of Midway which was the turning point for the United States against Japan in World War II. Reaching the most famous of the Hawaiian Islands, Oahu, where the capital city of Honolulu is located. Turning toward the Big Island past the South Shore Volcano of Maui Descending into Kona in front of Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world Putting the gear down as we approach Kona on its longest International flight Slamming the gear in Kona!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo

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I’m probably gonna have Atlanta to Salt Lake City at Sunset on Thursday!

And my last post of Singapore to Johannesburg


Awesome Shots! 👏🏽

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Amazing pictures and thanks for tagging me it was a pleasure t o control:)

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Glad that you had a great flight! It was a very fun event indeed.

Great photos, once again thanks for sharing!

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Nice pics, as usual.

I laughed pretty hard at this. That centerline too. Its alright, we’ll call it the wind, I just feel bad for your virtual passengers who got a mouthful of tasty tray table.

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Mr. NoahM how do u get that one wingview ???

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I usually don’t comment but damn those are some nice screenshots u got there ! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Those are awesome!

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Fantastic pictures and the promised great looking remote islands! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for getting this shot when the gear was titled 😩

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I loved this! Please keep making more of these! :)

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@Anshul28 thanks Anshul!

@Rian_OShea thanks Rian! Happy nobody got ghosted 👻

@Thunderbolt thanks! And especially for setting up the event

@Suhas thanks Suhas! It was very windy, like 7 knots or something crazy, hurricane like for sure. But hey, it was a good time to have a bad landing. 24 bad passenger reviews is better than 240 bad reviews!

@IFPHGOFFICIAL @SKYBIRD-1 @CJLAviation thanks a lot guys!

@Landon_Long welcome to the forum! I used the Free cam view for those amgles

@snoman I always make sure to take it when the gear is tilted, it would be amazing to actually have in-game!


Thanks Julian! Like I said with the last post I love random islands, and this one had a Really Cool backstory which made it more interesting

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787 with gear tilt and a live cockpit > everything

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That would be great, the 787 is my second favorita plane and that would be amazing

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Really nice,just like the real flight!

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Thanks a lot! The views on the real flight must be amazing

Great pics as always! I mean I can’t say anything different each time. 😂

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Don’t worry, I’m running out ways to reply, so we’ll call it even 😂

And congrats on becoming a Regular again! 😉

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