A Sunrise in Hollywood to the Lush Jungles of the Aloha State


For the past few weeks, I’ve really been wanting to fly to Hawaii, surprising I know. A couple weeks ago I flew San Francisco to Lihue, but since I haven’t flown to Kona in a while, and (this sounds weird) I’ve been missing the Big Island. I decided to fly into Hilo which is on the East side of the island. Hilo has a population of 43,000 which makes it the 2nd biggest town in Hawaii, after Honolulu which has 360,000. Hilo used to be the main tourist destination on the Big Island, but tourism has recently shifted to Kona on the West side of the island. This is because Hilo gets a lot of rain, almost 130 inches, or 10 feet per year, Hilo is actually the wettest City or town, in the United States. This 130 inches is compared to only 10 inches of rain per year just 2 hours west in Kona. Back in the late 1960s and 70s, Hilo was the major airport on the island, Pan Am served destinations such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. In 1968, Northwest Airlines operated flights between Hilo and Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, and New York with a stop in Seattle, without a change of plane. Starting the 2000s, Hilo airport became less and less known as flights switched to Kona. Hilo has arguably the most scenic approach in all of Hawaii in my opinion, but currently, it’s only destinations are Los Angeles, with United, and Honolulu with Hawaiian and Southwest. United uses the 737-800 on this route, and I did to. Flight time was 5 hours and 17 minutes

Flight Details

Los Angeles, California to Hilo, Hawaii
United 1004
Boeing 737-800


At the gate as a Thai A350 touches the pavement from Bangkok Lifting off as a United 787 rolls down the runway after its flight from Sydney Climbing out away from the famous California Coast Ascending over Santa Cruz Island on our way Southwest After 4 and a half hours over the open ocean, we descend toward Hilo on the Northwest RNAV for runway 26 Putting the gear down beneath the blue Hawaiian sky Approaching the runway as Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world waits in the background 200 feet sounds in the cockpit of the 737-800 Touching down in the rainy city 5 and a half hours after leaving the gate in Los Angeles! At the stand in Hilo as Mauna Lea looms behind

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What are the record high, and record low temperatures in Hilo?

  • 114 • 36
  • 94 • 53
  • 99 • 24

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If you didn’t read the description, you actually may find it interesting!


Amazing photos as always. Oh yeah, and by the way, thanks for putting in the route that you flew. 👍👌

And was first this time. lol

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I am gonna miss the older look of United. Nice pics. 👌

@NoahM Although I have no idea what the temperatures are because of, you know. You should change the counter to Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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Wow! As always awesome pictures, looks like a great landing too! The approach looks awesome!

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Nice pics as always! Also I’m a little early…

Realism 100

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 2.21.04 PM
I had “too” do it


Great editing on those pics!

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My dude great job onces again!

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Really interesting story on how a part of an island can actually see a downturn in demand even though the general demand for travel to the island increases!

Also fantastic pictures as always!

That’s apron goals, isn’t it?

Thanks for sharing!


what app or website did you use to get you this?

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Wait did you just fly to Hawaii and not Kona? What? Great pics as well!


Sorry for the late replies everyone, been a very hectic few hours on the IFC!

@Glevolution thanks, as always! ;)
I always put the route in because I try to show fun and underused ones!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk hopefully they keep a few aircraft in this livery!
And by the time I saw the Celsius part, I couldn’t change the poll, stupid US Customary System always messing things up

@Hymenopus_Coronatus thanks a lot! It’s a very fun approach that I would highly recommend!

@Suhas I even know my differences between to and too, but I hurried making this post and messed up, now I get memed for it. You win 😂

@Kevinsoto1502 @Armani_B thanks a lot guys!

@CPT_Colorado I used an app called
IF-Operations, it’s free!

@Sashaz55 yeah I actually flew to Hilo not Kona 😱. We spent a few hours in Hilo when went to Hawaii, and it’s a really cool place!


It’s cool how it all just shifted! Hilo is actually growing now, but mostly with a more native population to the town. And that apron has such a cool view!

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That’s actually a good way to develop for a town. Keeps it a bit more “original”.
Really nice to know, thanks!

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The town can seem a little “run down” in parts, (the university there has a whopping 6% graduation rate) but some parts are really cool, the water is really clear from all the freshwater rain. And there are a bunch of trees, I forget what they’re called, lined up along a road, each for a certain famous person that visited, from Amelia Earhart to Franklin D Roosevelt

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That’s probably the other, sadder part of the deal.

Really interesting to hear more about the region.

It’s unfortunately apparently really though to find the right path to have tourism in a good and responsible way, with all its benefits, but not so many disadvantages. It looks like a fantastic area in your pictures, so there most certainly is quite a bit of potential, but yeah, this isn’t to easily achieved.

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Yeah, the rain can be good, but it’s not very appealing to tourists and that’s why parts are so overgrown. They get 275 days of rain per year which is just astounding

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Hawaii is amaaaaziiiinggggg!

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Hawaii is Amazingggg

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Amazing photos! That looks like a great place to fly!

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