A sunrise arrival at Beijing 🇨🇳

A sunrise arrival at Beijing 🇨🇳

Arriving at Beijing (ZBAA) a hours ago.

Photos is edited.

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Beautiful! I love that custom tower.

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Thanks ! :)

In Beijing’s embrace, the A350 soars,
Air China’s pride, with wings that explore.
Graceful descent, a dance in the sky,
At the heart of aviation, where dreams fly high.

Majestic wings sweep through the air,
Landing at dawn with finesse and care.
Beijing’s gateway, a bustling domain,
Where the A350 whispers tales of the plane.

In every touchdown, a story unfolds,
A tapestry of journeys, secrets it holds.
Air China’s emblem, painted in flight,
A symphony of steel, a breathtaking sight.

On runways kissed by the Beijing sun,
The A350 lands, its mission well done.
In every touchdown, history is made,
A story of travel, in skies it’s portrayed.

NOT written by Chat GPT ;)