A Sunny Seattle to a Sunset in the Mountainous Small Town of Ketchikan, Alaska

Seattle to Ketchikan, KSEA-PAKD, I love flying to small Alaska airports and I’m sure a few you know about my love for the Alaska Airlines livery so I flew from Seattle to Ketchikan and got lucky enough to land during an AMAZING sunset in Ketchikan. The mountains and views along the flight were beautiful, but what was not beautiful was the 115 MPH crosswind during cruise and the 40 MPH winds when landing in Ketchikan. Flight time was 1 hour 22 minutes. I really recommend you try flying this flight

Rotation from Seattle Runway 34C Flying past the mountains of western Canada Starting to descend past the mountains of Graham Island in the background The sun started to set fast as we descended into Ketchikan, the sunset is just after 3:45 PM local time The airport is located on the bay between 2 mountains creating a very fun and amazing approach The flight deck views were as good as ever Gear down as we fly past the rising moon Final approach into a very gusty class Echo airport A rocky touchdown as the pink haze glows off the mountains of southern Alaska

There’s just something about these small Alaskan Airports that are only served by Alaska that are really cool to me

Please let me know your thoughts and leave comments! :) and have a great night


Very nice photos! That is some beautiful scenery with an absolutely stunning sunset!

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Thanks! It was even better live as it always is

Wow… absolutely amazing, one of the best posts in this topic I’ve ever seen

This deserves attention! Also I will try this route one day


Thanks for the amazing shots! 🙏
Y’all know how much I love Alaska.

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Glad you like flying to Alaska!
Also nice pictures.


Thanks so much 🙏!


Who doesn’t love Alaska


Thanks you!

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Thanks so much!

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