A Sunny San Diego into a Hazy Sunset in the Silicon Valley

Today I flew from San Diego to San Jose @bigbert10 😉 I took off at about an hour before sunset and I landed exactly one hour after takeoff in the sunset of San Jose. We approached SJC from the southwest which was fun for me because I usually approach the Bay Area from the Northeast. The aircraft today was the Southwest 737-700, Illinois One.

We used quite a bit of runway to takeoff in San Diego Leaving Chula Vista and the South Port of San Diego Flying toward the Laguna Mountains before turning Northwest Ascending Over Historic Torrey Pines (Big golf fan here) just north of San Diego Cruising At 38,000 feet Starting to descend over the beautiful Monterey Peninsula Flying toward the bay past the glowing mountains surrounding the Bay Area Turning our base leg past the pink salt flats Approaching runway 12R Touchdown during a windless Silicon Sunset

Please let me know what you think!


Really cool! Gotta love that livery!

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When did you fly? Because I am at SJC right now and I’ve been spawned in for a while XD


I landed about an hour ago but it was in the Sad, lonely, depths of the solo server 😞

It’s my favorite of the Southwest special liveries!

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Oh, that’s why I couldn’t see you :(


Solo is still fun but you can’t recognize people in game (because they’re not in your game lol) so I would’ve loved to see you at SJC too! 😂