A Sunny Portland Morning to a Foggy, Gusting Seattle

hey guys!

Today, I flew the short hop from KPDX to KSEA. This flight was on the Expert Server. It took a little under 45 minutes.


Parked at the gate at KPDX preparing for our beautiful sunrise flight.

Rotaté off of 28L, bound for Seattle

The passengers’ view as we climb to our cruising altitude of 18,000 feet

The cockpit glows as we level off. Mt Rainier is visible in the distance

Mr Eskimo likes Mt Rainier

Gear down with KBFI, lots of 737 MAX, 777X, Mt Rainier, and KSEA all visible

Still on final for 16R, Seattle’s shortest runway

Entering into a really cool cloud, we manage to use our pilotage skills to maintain glide slope and localizer (I couldn’t see anything while flying, so I used my actual pilot skills. No APPR)

Coming out of the cloud, we make a not-so-great touchdown in 16R with windshear, inches from a tail strike. The vertical speed on touchdown was none of your business

Taxiing to our gate to let our passengers eat breakfast.

I hope you liked my pictures! Please feel free to leave a like and let me know if all feedback. Thanks for looking!


Great Topic! Nice Shots!

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Thank you :)

Meant to say cloud, lol. Should I even fix it?

do not fix it!

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Hey! I was just about to fly SEA-PDX after I land in Seoul from Toronto. I love flying between Portland and Seattle so I’m going to used the Dash-8 for a fun sunset route

Nice! Make sure to make a #screenshots-and-videos about both of your flights!


You like how I copied your style of title to confuse people? 😂

Jk, lol

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I’m planning on making one for the YYZ-ICN flight if my IPhone 6s doesn’t crash on final, but that’ll take an hour just to get the screenshots let alone edit all of them, figure out which ones actually to use and make the post

And I love the title, all of mine are exactly like that 😂

I like how your screenshots are edited but not over-edited. Nice job 👍

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I usually just don’t edit mine at all.

Just quoted the small text.

Great photos there, glad that wasn’t an actual tail strike.


Lol. I’m not even sure what the V/S was on touchdown, all I know is that it looked like this

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Hah! Your right about that.


Thanks a lot :)

I landed in Seoul after 13:11 so I’ll have that post soon and I just left Seattle for Portland

And I used to not edit mine either, but when I started putting a lot of effort into my posts, they did a lot better

Fun fact: When I landed there a few days ago, I got pictures of those. I saw a bunch of foreign liveries that I never would have seen otherwise!!! 😁

His name is Chester.

Is it really? Did Alaska Airlines say that? I thought I heard that somewhere, but I can’t remember.

Great Job! ;)

Thanks! :)