A sunny day in Frankfurt @EDDF

Hey everyone!

I was recently in Frankfurt again and here are some shots from my visit.


  • Airport: Frankfurt Rhein-Main Intl Airport
  • Camera: Canon EOS 1100D
  • Lens: Tamron 18-400mm
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Date: 30th August 2022

A United B777-300ER coming in from Newark

My first time to catch this MAX from Andolujet

A Condor A330-200 with the blue striped tail comming in

Another Condor A330-200 floating in

The good old Condor B767-300

A DHL B777F operated by Aerologic taxing to it’s parking position

A Condor B757-300 beeing towed to the maintence hangar

The A321 of Condor in the red striped livery lining up runway 18

The Queen departing on runway 18

The second newest member of the Lufthansa fleet lining up runway 18


that’s a lot of condor

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These images reflect exactly why the Condor livery is so genius:
Among all the other (except DHL) liveries it immediately stands out and I automatically stopped “scrolling” to take a closer look at it
The photos themselves are fantastic as always. Huge props!


Fantastic photos!

unlike Condor’s new livery 🤢🤢🤮


Love the 787 photo with Lufty

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Yes, that’s right. Frankfurt is the main hub of Condor.

Thank you very much :)

Even from a distance I could see the B753 between the other planes. The paintwork is extremely eye-catching.

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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