A Summer Trip to Florida - St. Louis to Orlando

Today was my first time flying on Southwest Airlines from St. Louis to Orlando virtually as a direct flight as I participated in the KMCO fly-in event. I have been there to Orlando during my 5th grade year going to Legoland, 7th and 8th grade year going to Universal Orlando Resort, and my High School year except my Junior Year because I want to Busch Gardens in Tampa. So here are the best photo shots among this flight.

First Flight: Southwest Airlines Flight 5127 - St. Louis to Orlando ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
Aircraft: Boeing 737-700
Origin: St. Louis-Lambert Intโ€™l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Orlando International Airport (KMCO)
Flight Time: 2hrs 20mins
Server: Expert

This was my very first time flying on Southwest Airlines to Orlando. Anyways, we were at Terminal 2 Gate E4, getting ready to board Southwest Airlines Flight 5127 to Orlando

After we pushed back, we taxied to RWY 12R for takeoff. So excited to fly to Orlando to explore SeaWorld Orlando resort and Universal Orlando Resort.

We lined up RWY 12R for takeoff out of St. Louis KSTL

And off we go, we blasted out of RWY 12R from St. Louis. Goodbye St. Louis

Climbed out of St. Louis as we flew over the view of Mississippi River as we entered the Southern Border of Illinois

We have reached our cruising altitude of FL350 as we flew over Tennesee. The SWA flight attendants came along the cabin and served us snacks and beverages onboard. After that, I chilled and looked out the window while listening to my favorite music. I even had a little nap, and also went to the lavatory for potty.

As we have begun our descent, the seat belt sign came on, remained seated, and now banked our left turn via PIGLT6 STAR arrival as we see the view of Lake Apopka, entering left downwind RWY 17L for our arrival runway at KMCO airport

We were on short final RWY 17L for touchdown as we see other planes at the KMCO

And there we go, we have landed in Orlando International Airport RWY 17L we have began exiting the runway to taxi to our terminal

And there we have it! We have arrived to Terminal A Airside 2 Gate 104 at Orlando International Airport (KMCO). What a great flight onboard Southwest Airlines. It is time for a one-week vacation in Orlando at the hotel.

And that completes my inaugural flight on Southwest Airlines from St. Louis to Orlando. Thank you for viewing my photos and traveling with me. I hope you enjoyed viewing my shots and loving them. I will be posting another round of shots going from Orlando to Palm Beach.