A Summer Trip Around the World - Malé to Naija Pt. 2

There go my shots in this part which was a domestic flight that we flew from Lagos to Port Harcourt on Arik Air Flight 742 as our trip to go to our home state, Akwa Ibom. I hope you like it.

First Flight: Arik Air Flight 742 - Lagos to Port Harcourt 🇳🇬
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Origin: Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport (DNMM) - MMA2 Domestic Airport
Destination: Port Harcourt Int’l Airport (DNPO) - Port Harcourt Domestic Airport
Flight Time: 1hr 10mins
Server: Expert

On the tarmac as we boarded our flight to Port Harcourt

Taxied to RWY 18L for our departure out of Lagos

Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff as we lined up RWY 18L

Aaand Blast Off!!! As we took off RWY 18L from Lagos on our way to PORT HARCOURT!!! GOODBYE LAGOS!!! 🇳🇬

Climbing out of Lagos as we banked left, flying over Lagos Island, headed towards the view of Lekki 🇳🇬 and the beach. Lovin’ that view

Cruising @ FL290 as we flew over the Gulf of Guinea Ocean before we descended onto Port Harcourt flying over Benin City. Nigerian Snacks were handed out by the Arik Air Flight Attendants along with the option of juice, tea, coffee, and water.

Banking over to our right as we enter right base for RWY 21 at Port Harcourt, flying over the view of the Firstmonnie Agent Newage Farm in Umudema 🇳🇬

Aannd the flight was almost done as we were on final RWY 21 for landing

And we have landed in Port Harcourt Airport as we exited RWY 21 for our taxi to the Remote Stand

And there we have it. We arrived to Port Harcourt as we exited the aircraft by steps and proceeded to baggage claim via the tarmac. What a great flight we had today. It’s time for our three week vacay in NAIJA!!! 🇳🇬 as we get our three-hour ride to Akwa Ibom State. HELLO PORT HARCOURT!!! 🇳🇬

That completes our fourth trip around the world which is Naija. I hope you liked my photos regarding this trip. Once again, be safe and healthy and have a good night Infinite Flight community.


Looks like it was fun ;)

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Amazing tbh i never knew that airline existed 😅 but anyways keep it up!