A Summer Trip Around the World - Atlanta to Miami

Here go my shots of my trip to Miami, Florida on American Airlines Flight 1192. One mistake I did was that I arrived at the wrong gate when I landed in Miami. I arrived to Gate D9 instead of D7 because I thought it was Gate D7 but then once I parked and ended the flight, it was gate D9 that I arrived but that’s alright because I am in Miami. So let’s right into my shots for today’s flight.

First Flight: American Airlines Flight 1192 - Atlanta to Miami 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Origin: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport (KATL)
Destination: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Flight Time: 2hrs 15mins
Server: Expert

Here goes our plane at Terminal N Gate T10 as we boarded our flight to Miami

Taxiing to RWY 9L for our departure to Miami after we pushed back

Flight Attendants, prepare for takeoff as we line up RWY 9L, getting ready to blast out of Atlanta

And off we go!!! Blasted out of Atlanta Airport RWY 9L, off to MIAMI!!! Goodbye 404 🍑🇺🇸 ATLANTA!!!

Banking to our right as we climbed out of Atlanta, flying over I-675 at US-23 Highway

Cruising at FL350 as we flew over Tallahassee, Florida 🍊🇺🇸, on our way to Miami. AA Flight attendants came along the cabin to serve us a bag of biscoff cookies, sanitizing wipes along with a bottle of water. Then I requested a cup of Sprite to drink on board. After that, I chewed my bubble gum and listened to my favorite Nigerian music while staring outside the window before we began our descent

Here we go as we flew over the Everglades during our descent phase for our cloudy evening approach to Miami

And here we are, as we were on final RWY 12 for Miami Airport

And BOOM, we have touched down in MIAMI!!! And now about to taxi to Terminal N Gate D7 for arrival with two AA A320’s and a Spirit A320 at Concourse D

And there we go like I said earlier that I have arrived to Gate D9 instead of Gate D7. But anyways, I would like to welcome ourselves and say hello to the 305 🌴😎🏝🇺🇸 MIAMI!!!. We had a great flight today as we flew from Atlanta to Miami on American Airlines. And now, it’s time for us to deplane and head to Baggage Claim 26 to pick up our baggage and exit the airport to head home for our four-day vacation.

That completes my second trip around the world. I will post some shots on my trip going from Miami to Male in the Maldives. I hope you enjoyed my shots and give me a like and that’s it. Thank you for viewing my shots and once again, I will post some shots on my next trip. Adios and good night Infinite Flight Community


Great shots seems like a good flight!

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